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Disinfection Services

Are you looking for home or office cleaning services in GTA ? If so, your search will end at Bug Managers.

We are providing cleaning and disinfection services to residents and businesses from across GTA.

Let’s first understand what hygiene is ?

Hygiene is the process of making something completely clean and free of dirt, germs and bacteria. In the process of hygiene, the number of microorganisms (germs and bacteria) is significantly eliminated, usually by 99.99%.

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How to keep hygiene

In order to maintain the good hygiene of our foods, favorite drinks and products, it is advisable to clean the fridge once a month. This way, we will avoid creating a mess of foods that show off bad odors and harmful bacteria that are inside your fridge or freezer.

Remove unpleasant smells

Remove all types of bacteria

Deep disinfection

Sterilizing and preserving your food for eco-life

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Our services include

Home Cleaning Services: In home cleaning services (also called household disinfection services), your entire home will be cleaned and disinfected, including all furniture and rooms. Experts will use alcohol-based sanitizers to disinfect your home if needed.

Office Cleaning Services: We also provide office cleaning and disinfection services. In the process of office disinfection, specialists will clean the entire office. They will clean the workplace, including desks, furniture, electronics, computer.